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Mosquito Killing System

Prohealth Mosquito Killing System™ is an innovative technology company which constantly invents and re-invents to make your life easier. We deliver back the value of your investment in the form of comfort and wellness for years to come.

We achieve this by familiarizing you with futuristic, seasoned technologies which will make this world a better place to live for generations.

The Mosquito Killing System™ is the latest and the most effective mosquito elimination system ever invented by man. A scientific path breaking invention, it tricks the mosquitoes by mimicking the respiration and body temperatures of humans, horses, livestock, poultry and domesticated pets. It attracts the mosquitoes, vacuums them and electrocutes them inside.

Unlike the popular mosquito elimination devices, Mosquito Killing System™ is completely safe, odorless and harmless to humans. It eliminates mosquitoes without using potentially dangerous propane or harmful pesticides or any harmful chemicals. With an effective area of 1 acre, Mosquito Killing System™ has the unique ability to handpick and electrocute only the mosquitoes and spare the beneficial insects and pests which are good for the environment.