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Benefits of MKS

  • Alternative Mosquito Control product that is safe to use without the potential legalities associated with chemicals or pesticides.
  • Monitoring device for mosquito control.
  • Mimics body temperature of humans, livestock, poultry, and domestic pets.
  • Relies on the mosquitoes natural ability to catch its prey through heat-sensing and carbon dioxide detection.
  • Stimulates mammal breathing through release of warmed carbon dioxide (CO2) as an attractant.
  • An attractive, environmentally friendly addition to any lawn, patio or pool area where mosquito reduction is a must.
  • Quiet, and odorless.
  • Reduces the mosquito population without harming other beneficial insects of the environment.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories).
  • Strong, durable aluminum construction.
  • Lightweight and small design.
  • One year manufacturers warranty.